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Stur Water Enhancer Coconut Water Sugar-Free
Who remembers my Stur Drinks post? The flavoured water enhancer that contains zero calories, zero fat and zero sugar. Well, Stur have branched out into the wonderful healthy world of coconut water and I just had to try it.

I’ll admit, I was never a fan of coconut water, despite loving unsweetened coconut and almonds milk; but since receiving a bottle in a Degustabox, I have been converted. And even if you don’t like coconut water, I urge you to try Stur, particularly as it’s available in three flavours. If you’re not into plain coconut, there’s also coconut & lime and coconut & pineapple. The bottles have been re-designed to make them easier to use.

I received an email saying I could try three bottles at an introductory price of £3.99 (with free delivery) – usual price is £2.99 a bottle. I opted for two bottles of the pineapple flavour and one of lime. The lime is so refreshing, not tangy, nor bitter and tastes really exotic. I much prefer the pineapple though, maybe because I love pina coladas so much! In fact, a couple of drops in a glass of sparkling water and you have yourself a virgin cocktail. It’s so tropical and would probably be just as amazing squirted over crushed ice, like a slush. Likewise, you could easily use them to make guilt-free frozen lollies.
Stur Water Enhancer Coconut Water Sugar-Free
Each bottle contains 20 servings, so fewer than the original fruit flavours; but is made from natural fruit extracts, making it high in Vitamin C – while also being fat/dairy/caffeine free. They’re such a great little size for keeping on the go. Whether you leave them in your handbag, or gym bag, or even on your desk at work. There’s no need for refrigerating either.

Also, Stur are giving away free Nakd bars with every order, so you can also snack healthy! What better reason to stock up?

Have you tried Stur coconut water?

Love, Lucy xx

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