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Degustabox, June, Picnic, Food, Drink, Subscription
June’s box was aptly named the Picnic Box and not only was it packed full of treats perfect for a summers day, it’s also made me want to pack up a hamper and find a lovely idyllic spot to enjoy some food and British countryside. Maybe when it stops raining? The box was full of colour and this month’s contents were:

·         An Icycl vodka ice pop
·         Two bottles of Zeo soft drink
·         A packet of Coconom coconut sugar
·         A bottle of Vybe coconut water
·         A bottle of strawberry & lime Rekorderlig cider
·         A packet of Love Chin Chin snacks
·         A box of Melba Thins multigrain
·         Two packets of Brioche Pasquier products
·         Two packets of Kallo rice cake products
Degustabox, June, Picnic, Food, Drink, Subscription

Let’s start with the drinks and there’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day, than an ice-cold cider. Rekorderlig is a brand our family buy regularly so I knew what to expect – but how cute are these smaller bottles you can buy in multipacks of four? The carry case they come in is perfect for packing on a picnic or barbecue. These taste even better once they’re frozen too and go all slushy! Next up we have the Vybe coconut water – everyone seems to be on a coconut water hype at the minute and at first, I didn’t like the stuff. This particular variety doesn’t taste too sweet and the large size of the bottle means there are two servings; it keeps well in the fridge overnight too. The Zeo drinks are definitely for the health conscious, as they contain 30kcal and natural sweeteners from stevia extract. I loved the peach & grapefruit flavour, which was a lovely pink shade and very fruity; however, I wasn’t keen on the zesty lime which didn’t taste like citrus, but more like shandy with a bitter aftertaste.
Degustabox, June, Picnic, Food, Drink, Subscription
I previously received the original Melba Thins in the February Degustabox, but much prefer the wholegrain alternative. Because I eat a lot of salad during the summer, I’ve only had a packet of these so far, but they’re great with a variety of toppings, like bruschetta; or used like croutons in soup. The first of the Kallo products received were savoury. Available in three flavours (caramel and salt & vinegar being the other two), I received the sundried tomato & herb rice crackers, which I really wasn’t a fan of. I love the Velvet Crunch cassava snacks and Snack a Jacks but found this flavour far too overwhelming.
Degustabox, June, Picnic, Food, Drink, Subscription
The other product by Kallo was a sweet variety of rice cracker, in the form of chocolate and crunchy caramel topped thins. These by far, were this month’s winner! One thin just wasn’t enough and I found myself getting through the whole packet within four days (oops!) – they are incredibly moreish. By a similar token, Chin Chin – the African sweet snack – were just too good to share. They were kinda like sweet breadsticks, crunchy like a biscuit, but tasted like a vanilla sponge cake. I got the vanilla flavour in my box, although they tasted like snickerdoodle cookies, so I’m surprised they weren’t the cinema variety!
Degustabox, June, Picnic, Food, Drink, Subscription
The Brioche Pasquier products were a great hit with the family and didn’t last very long once I had put them in the bread bin. The chocolate chip brioche bars were a lot more popular than the chocolate filled ones. I definitely preferred those, too. Individually wrapped, they’re great for on-the-go, taking to work, or packing in your kids’ lunchboxes.
Degustabox, June, Picnic, Food, Drink, Subscription
And finally we have the Coconom coconut sugar, which is 100% natural and a great replacement for refined sugars. I was a little apprehensive as it contains turmeric and tamarind, which are often associated with curries and savoury products. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and love this on porridge or weetabix. I’m gonna have to try out the brownie recipe from this month’s card though (or this shortbread one!).

My Icycl burst in transit (anybody else have this problem?!) which disappointed me greatly as I couldn’t wait to try it. I’m loving those frozen sorbet-style pouches, so think this would be a great product to have at a barbecue or evening a chilled night in with the girls. I’ve never had a problem with glass bottles arriving broken, so it’s a real shame the box and most the contents arrived sticky! This month’s box for me, was really hit and miss – there were products I liked, but at the same time, others I didn’t.

Did you like the June Picnic Box?

Love, Lucy xx

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