What’s in my holiday bag?

I’ve just come back from a week in Lake Garda and I’m going to be writing a series of holiday posts – from the places we visited to the restaurants we ate at and also one of the excursions we took. What better way to kick off my holiday series than the obligatory ‘what’s in my bag’ post.
The bag –
I always take one of my ClaireaBella bags as hand luggage as they’re always the perfect size for carrying everything and you can also see where everything is, there’s none of that rummaging around. For summer holidays, I use my bikini design jute. This is a medium, so it also means I can carry anything that doesn’t fit in my suitcase, or little bits I can pack to get the weight of my main case down. I always carry an extra pair of shoes (pumps or sandals) and a smaller clutch-style bag for the evenings. I love my bags and it’s even better when people compliment me on the design. I’ve never seen anyone else at the airport with a ClaireaBella though, I’d love to find a friend!
The contents –
I love to be really organised, so I’ve always got a plastic wallet with all the details and documents I’ll need. I normally end up carrying everyone else’s passports and travel documents/tickets too. If I’ve done research before travelling, I’ll print everything out and keep it in this folder for future reference. And on my return, any leaflets, business cards, tickets and information will be collected and stored to accompany my photo albums and help out with blog posts, as well as rekindle memories.

Necessities for any holiday will include my purse and I use my every day, large Accessorize purse – as it has space for my English money and cards in one compartment and my holiday spends can be kept separate. Sunglasses and sun tan lotion are also vital and I’ll keep both on me at all times. I leave my cheaper sunglasses in my car so for holidays, I always wear my Jimmy Choo pair. I love them! They’re such a classic shape and style and go with any outfit! And I couldn’t be without my phone – how else would I keep myself entertained on the plane and how would I take all those selfies?!

Like I say, I love to be organised, so I will always carry a notebook and pens. My notebook will act as a diary, so I can jot down places I’ve seen and ate at, in order to complete my holiday album photo captions, as well as compile blog posts and Trip Advisor reviews. The book I used this time was a gorgeous Christmas present from my best friend Laura, it’s almost too pretty to write in! I also carry a book or two. This time I read Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern (look out for the review as the concluding post to this series) – it’s the perfect holiday read and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I’m a big kid at heart, so I’ll always pack sweets for the plane and for those longer journeys. Our hotel transfer this time round was one-and-a-half hours and we went to Venice which was over three hours away, so the sweets came in handy.

I always carry lots of smaller ‘extras’, which include invisbobbles, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, perfume miniatures, hand cream, hand sanitiser and hydrating spray. All of these come in handy throughout the day and into the night.

What are your holiday essentials? I’d love to see if I’ve missed anything of my list.

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  1. This is really useful, I didn't think of printing out information for things to do but that's a great idea x


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