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I’ve always been interested in travel; I love experiencing new cultures, trying different food and exploring the towns and cities I visit. I love that so many of my family holidays have been to unusual places that many haven’t heard of – give me that over a package resort or party holiday, any day. But it’s not until I started to work in travel that my wanderlust has got the better of me. There are so many faraway realms just begging to be explored – and they don’t come cheap! Researching and then writing about these places has made my imagination go into over-drive, in the hope I’ll visit them some day. And so, I decided to buy the Scratch Map by Luckies (available here).

The giant world map comes rolled in a tube and it’s best to roll it the other way and leave it flattened with weights so that it stays to the wall. Once it is up though, it’s mighty impressive! The sheer magnitude of some of the countries is pretty mind-blowing too. The map itself is covered in a gold film, so that you scratch each country away as you visit it. It’s such a good way of documenting your adventures as well as figure out where you’d like to go next.
As you can see, I’ve not travelled extensively (despite going to every possible area of Spain!). I go to Lake Garda next week, so that can be crossed off and I’m planning on going to Amsterdam, Prague and Vienna before the end of the year. On my ’30 before I’m 30’ list, I wish to visit every European capital, but I can’t see that happening – however, lots of cities/countries could easily be crossed off by booking a cruise!
Where I want to go
Canada, Caribbean, Copenhagen, Florida, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Norway & North Cape, Riga, Santorini, Singapore, Thailand, Tallinn, Vietnam
The thing I love most about the map is that Canada, USA and Australia are all divided by state; that way you can scratch off each, rather than the country as a whole. It makes completing the map that bit more exciting. And so much more fun than sticking drawing pins in a map.

If like me, you love travel, I thoroughly recommend this product! Where would you most like to travel to?


  1. Love your post Lucy! I just bought mine from Luckies, is that where your purchased yours?

    1. I think I bought mine from Not on the High street, I can’t remember now. But thank you :)

  2. I bought my Scratch Off Map from Amazon Store. Really thankful to the creators of this amazing product. This really made my life so much easy and fun.


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