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I very rarely go ‘out out’ and much prefer to go out for a lovely dinner, or even opt for a night in with a bottle of wine and good film. But when my best friend Laura suggested a night out, I couldn’t think of anything better than to cheer her up with a night of dining, drinking and dancing! I don’t really go out in Brentwood much, so we decided to give it a go and so she stayed at mine.

I decided on my outfit earlier in the day and actually managed to get ready before she arrived, so it meant plenty of time to start on the rosé. As I couldn’t be bothered to tan, I went with my favourite leather-look leggings – although I would normally wear a dress or midi skirt.
Top – New Look
Leggings – New Look
Shoes – Matalan
Blazer – New Look
Necklace – Accessorize

For dinner, we went to Thai Boulevard – one of my favourites (it’s where I went for my birthday). It was actually a lot busier than it’s been on my previous visits, which made for a half decent atmosphere. After gorging on duck pancakes, beef penang, chicken pad thai and fragrant rice, it was time for us to get our drink on!
We started at the Slug & Lettuce which is usually good on a Saturday night. It was heaving when we arrived, with everyone pre-drinking before heading to the Sugarhut. We were lucky to get a seat, but unfortunately it wasn’t 2-for-1 – although I had the lushest PornStar Martini. We didn’t stay very long, opting for Wetherspoons and their 2-for-£12 pitcher offer. The Wetherspoons in Brentwood is fairly new and it’s lovely inside; really big, with plenty of seating. I even caught up with some school friends and so we stayed ‘til close and had a really good night.

I hadn’t been to Eclipse for a good seven years, but Laura wanted to dance and said she’d been there recently. It was a lot better than I remembered, although the floor (and carpet!) was still really sticky. The music was good though and the drinks cheap. So we danced until our feet hurt. I’m surprised I managed to stay awake to be honest; I don’t know the last time I stayed out ‘til gone 3am! Sometimes you just need a girls night with your bestie... although I couldn’t do it every weekend anymore! Do you agree?

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