I Quit Sugar | Week 5 review

So now I’m over halfway through and I’ve lost 6lbs in total, which was the minimum I wanted to lose so I’m happy with that. Now I just need to tone up and continue making sensible choices with food. Oh, and apologies that this post is so late this week – I’ve been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

The recipes in the book for week 5 are all soup recipes and while I didn’t give any of them a try, I did make my own Cajun chicken, chunky veg & quinoa soup, which was amazing – if a little spicy. The tips have got me through the week though – Sarah recommends filling up on veg, nuts and pulses and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much spinach in my life! 
It’s surprisingly filling though, even though it doesn’t look like much when wilted down.

When at work I’ve been keeping hydrated and also drinking three cups of green or herbal tea a day. I’ve found a new love for liquorice root tea as well – Clipper do an amazing Wild Berry flavour, which is rich and fights away any sweet cravings.

I know last week I said I was going to do my ClubLand DVD but I felt so bleugh (totm) so I spent most of the time just feeling sorry for myself. Seriously I should have just ‘woman’ed up and sweat it out. Although, I have to say it’s impressive I didn’t reach out for the chocolate. I’ve found snacking on blueberries really helps and they’re low in fructose too.

So I’ve made my breakfast for tomorrow and have planned all my dinners for the week, which includes a chicken curry for all the family on Wednesday night. I’ve actually really enjoyed being creative and trying new things – I mean, who knew you could have quinoa for breakfast or as a dessert? I’ve got so many recipes I want to blog about, because I believe you should give them a go, even if you’re not trying to eat clean!

See you all next Sunday for another update.

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