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I absolutely love my Breville Blend Active and have been trying to use it as much as possible. When I saw this recipe on the IQS website, I knew I had to try it instantly. I love gingerbread lattes, but they’re packed full of sugar; so this seemed like the best replacement. I’m not gonna lie, it was the nicest smoothie I’ve ever had and if you love gingerbread lattes too, I suggest you give it a go! It’s aaamazing!

This recipe makes two servings (using the 600ml bottles from my blender), so if you’re making for one day, simply half everything.
·         60g cashews, soaked overnight
·         ½ banana, frozen
·         100g sweet potato, puréed
·         400ml almond milk
·         1tsp vanilla extract
·         1tsp cinnamon
·         1tsp ground ginger
·         ½ tsp all spice
·         ½ tsp cardamom
·         Pinch of sea salt

·         Add all ingredient and blitz
·         Store in the fridge
I recommend making two servings every other day, as the cashews won’t keep all week, once soaked. As you can see, I served mine in these really cute chocolate milk bottles, which made them look authentic and gave that rustic touch. The spices and sweet potato add the sweetness, while the nuts and almond milk make the smoothie really creamy. I would never have thought this combination works, but it totally does – and keeps you full all morning too.

Let me know if you give this, or any other IQS recipes a go.


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Love, Lucy xx

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