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I’m a lover of pretty, girlie things and it’s even better when it’s something not many people have. Which is why I love Cherry Diva – the company behind so much statement jewellery, quirky accessories and cute little bits. I’d seen a lot of talk on Twitter, so decided to follow them and within days, I was making my first order. It definitely won’t be my last! I was sucked in by the words Disney Princess and socks – yes, I know; how amazing?!
There’s so much on the website I love, I think I could have quite easily bought everything. You know how much I love costume jewellery and there’s so much choice, I was pretty much in heaven! There are a few more expensive items like bags (which also caught my eye – you can never have too many bags); while I don’t even wear socks but I must have all the character pairs!
I decided on three pairs of socks – two polka dot pairs, which are so inspired by Minnie Mouse and the absolutely adorable Snow White socks. I just love her frilly dress. I won’t lie, I’m devo’d there aren’t any Aurora or Belle pairs and Princess Fiona really isn’t for me. But if anyone knows where I can get those from, please let me know.
I head to the pick n mix sale for my jewellery, which had a selection of items for only a £1. I picked up a pair of mesh heart earrings, a double heart ring and a stack of 7 midi rings. I don’t really wear rings that much, but I couldn’t resist.
The ring stack is the cutest, although I think my fingers are too chubby and they don’t look as good as they did on the hand model. Of course, the love and crown rings are my favourite and I wore both on my pinkie. Unfortunately, one of them broke when I was at work because they’re quite fragile; but at a £1, they’re great value. The double heart ring is quite thick in comparison and easily makes a statement. I’ll definitely be wearing it more. Finally, the earrings are my favourite! I had some similar ones from ASOS which I lost when I moved out of my uni house, so I’m glad they’re finally replaced. I do love a chunky stud as well – the bigger, the better!
Have you heard of Cherry Diva? Will you be checking them out now?

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