I Quit Sugar | Week 2 review

So I’ve now completed week 2, meaning only 6 weeks of the detox left. This week has been a really mixed week – it started off well and gradually tailed off when I went slightly off-plan. But let’s start with the positives.
1) I’ve lost weight! I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 3lbs. My target weight was to get back to 9 stone 8 (my weight when I finished uni) and I’ve got a long way to go, but am so happy with my progress so far. It may seem like a cop-out, but one of the symptoms of PCOS is the inability to lose weight and when you gain it, it all stays around your stomach. This is my problem. I might start taking weekly measurements to see how much I’m losing as well.
2) My meal planning has continued to be organised. I prepared all my breakfasts and lunches on Sunday and they did well to keep all week (again, keep an eye out for those on Tuesday and Thursday). Unfortunately, I didn’t plan all my dinners on Sunday so by Wednesday, was really lacking inspiration. The book doesn’t have many recipes for evening meals, so I may have to start looking online.
On Friday it was my birthday and I was out for dinner with friends. We went to Pizza Express and I only had the chicken and pancetta salad with goats cheese – I even left most of the dough sticks. I did have the dressing though which was a bit naughty. We didn’t have dessert, but I shared a bottle of prosecco and then we went for cocktails. I don’t even want to think about how much sugar was consumed, but I don’t feel guilty – I mean, if you can’t have a treat on your birthday, when can you?!
On Saturday, I went for a Thai meal with family. Again, this meant coconutty sauces, sweet chilli dip etc etc. The restaurant didn’t have a dessert menu which was great as there was no temptation, but I did have a truffle with my coffee when I got home. Ah well, Monday is another week!
Other than Saturday, I’ve not had any cravings for sweet things – both confectionary and juices/smoothies. In fact, I haven’t needed to snack in the evenings at all and I think I’ve got myself in a really good routine.
I was going to start using my juicer for week 3 breakfasts but I’ve decided to hold off for another week, as I’ve made the apple pancakes from the recipe book. There are a couple of juice recipes but none of them have really stood out – so if anyone knows of any sugar-free juices or smoothies, please link me up.
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