I Quit Sugar | Week 1 review

So I’ve completed my first week of Sarah Wilson’s eight week quitting sugar detox and do you know something, I feel absolutely fantastic. I was worried I’d be constantly tired and really mardy, but I don’t think I am at all. When I have felt tired, I think it’s more down to work and the fact it was the first full week I’d done in ages, more than changing my diet. Other than one instance at the weekend, I’ve not even had cravings for sweet things and despite the constant emails at work about doughnuts, cupcakes and cookies on the snack desk, I’ve deleted them and been completely oblivious to the amount of food on display. I’ve been drinking plenty of water and herbal/green teas; the one time I had a can of Pepsi Max, it made my teeth hurt.
The key to any diet, detox – or whatever you wanna call it – is organisation. This is my strength, I believe. I’m too organised for my own good. I’ve dedicated my Sundays to making my breakfasts and lunches for the week in a large batch and also pay attention to my dinners, which didn’t change this week. Last Saturday I did a little shop in Holland & Barrett, before doing a proper food shop with mum in Sainsbury’s on the Sunday. I’ve also thought about snacks – using inspiration from the I Quit Sugar recipe section of the book.
This week I also bought myself the Breville Blend-Active and have decided this will be used in week 3, when I’ll be making breakfast smoothies and juices. There are so many recipes in the book and on the website, I’m sure I’ll end up sticking with them due to ease. It’s still in the box at the moment though.
I have to admit, dinners have been the hardest as these haven’t been made in advance, so I’ve been struggling with inspiration. It’s also so much harder when you’re cooking for one. I’ve been eating so much spinach, but unfortunately it isn’t very substantial. On Tuesday, I did make some really lush wraps, using wholemeal tortillas, avocados and spinach. I think they contained about 2.6g of sugar, so not bad at all. Small steps!
The first week is always the hardest, but I believe I’ve done so well this week and really thrown myself in at the deep end. I’m a little worried about the coming weeks as it’s my birthday on Friday and I’m out with family for Thai, before going out with the girls the following Saturday in London. I guess two days off isn’t too bad, as generally I’ve decided not to give myself a day off and continue with it at weekends. This Saturday I was at Jake’s and we had steak, Slimming World chips and salad for dinner. I did have a jelly tot though, that evening – but nothing while we watched a film.
I’ll be posting recipes twice a week – on Tuesdays and Thursdays – but catch up with next Sunday to find out how my second week went. I’ll be posting my weight loss then too.

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