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If you read my Ciaté haul post, you’ll know I purchased the Glitz Fix lips kit. Well I finally tested out the other week for my work Christmas party and omg, the effect is incredible. Best of all, the kit is so easy to use – and this is coming from me, the most impatient person ever! I know a lot of people don’t like the innovation kits by Ciaté because they’re so messy and fiddly, but this really isn’t at all.
The kit
So each kit comes in a cute little box and contains three essential pieces of equipment:
1 ) transparent sealer
2) red glitter
3) little black brush
The boxes are small enough to keep in your makeup or toiletries bags, although I wouldn’t recommend keeping them in your handbag or clutch for on-the-go application. Everything is in plastic vacuumed packaging so stays in place and it’s handy that everything is kept together.
The method
Like I say, it’s so simple, but there are instructions on the back of the box.
1) Begin with a slick of the Glitz Grip transparent glitter sealer
2) Load up the applicator with glitter and gently roll directly onto your lips
3a) Build the glitter up in thin layers on the entire lip for a full coverage finish
3b) or dab to the centre of the lip and blend outward to create a glittering ombré finish
4) Sweep away any stray sprinkles using the mini lip fan brush for a clean finish
The result
Pretty, glittery lips – perfect for that special occasion, making a statement or just adding some much-needed glam to a fairly plain outfit. No matter how much you lick your lips (although that really isn’t recommended), the glitter stays and I found when I ate or drank, the glitter didn’t transfer and stayed in place. Eventually the sparkle fades and I found myself wiping it all off, before adding lippy. It is long-lasting though and the kit is definitely worth the cost. Thank you and well done to Ciaté for creating yet another fantastic innovative product. I love it!
Have you tried the Glitz Fix kit?


  1. Something like this would be great for a photoshoot, I remember seeing something similar at a trade show a few years back but it just looked like too much hard work! xx

  2. It is such a beautiful product :) xx

  3. I'd love it if it came out in different colours - maybe a gold? It is SO simple to use and you know what my patience is like :) xx


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