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I’m so annoyed with myself that I couldn’t keep up my ‘read a book a month’ pact and since I read on holiday, I really want to start again. I really don’t have much ‘me’ time as when I get home from work, it’s normally dinner, bath and bed. I guess I could read for an hour to wind down before sleeping...
I bought this book at the airport as at WH Smith, it was buy one get one half price. I chose The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks.
*Warning: may contain spoilers*
The novel focuses on two couples and two very different love stories – however the two come together by a common bond. I loved that the chapters flicked between the two couples, but the flow was still there; I could always remember what had happened in the previous chapter. It wasn’t predictable at all, unlike other love stories.
Ira Levinson is a 91-year-old man, who’s in bad health and has been in a car accident. When he loses consciousness, he visualises his wife (who has been dead for almost a decade) and they end up reminiscing on their lives and relationship. From how they met, to life during the war and everything in between – they had years of happiness together. Ira looks back at the letters he used to write to her with fond memories and although he knows she isn’t actually with him anymore, he holds on to what they had and that is what gets him through the accident and daily life.
Sophia Danko is an art history student at Wake Forest, who lives in a sorority house with her best friend Marcia. Having previously dated the college jock, she ends up falling for Luke Collins, in the craziest of circumstances. Luke is a bull rider and cow boy and is the total opposite to Sophia – in terms of family, class and aspirations. What Sophia doesn’t know is that Luke is hiding a secret, which could not only affect their relationship, but also affect his life – it really is a matter of life or death.
When Sophia and Luke are the ones that find Ira – and the final letter he wrote to Ruth – what they don’t realise is that they will meet again, just not in person. Ira and Ruth were massive painting collectors, but when Sophia and Luke attend an art auction, they get a lot more than they initially anticipated...
Sparks has an incredible way of writing which keeps you hooked, but more importantly, has you emotionally involved with the characters – it’s almost as though they were a family member or friend. I won’t lie, I actually had tears in my eyes when I was reading on the plane. I just couldn’t put the book down, either – which is always a good sign.
I’ve also just read that the film adaptation is going to be released in 2015! I normally watch the film versions before reading the book so it will be nice to do it the ‘right’ way round and I’ll be interested in seeing how the film differs... as let’s be honest, they usually do!


  1. I really want to read this, I've heard great reviews on it. Exciting to hear it's going to be released as a film :)


    1. It's a really good book - thoroughly recommend it :) x


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