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Hi lovelies, I’ve got another fashion post for you today, with another absolute gem of an online boutique I’ve recently discovered!
Unique Avenue are an Essex based boutique, which has a small stock but frequently adds to their collection. A lot of their products are celeb-inspired, as is the current trend – but everything is so reasonably priced. I found out about the company when they started following me on Twitter and now I can’t help but browse the website every day in search of new clothes! There’s currently a sale on as well, which is where I got my bargain from.
I think I could have quite easily bought most of the website. I’m waiting for payday (which is Wednesday) to buy everything which is currently on my wish list. This Aztec print dress has been at the top of my list forever, I just love the colours and print. I love the simplicity of this navy jumpsuit, which can easily be accessorised with some statement jewellery – although I can never find jumpsuits that fit, this is a beaut. Finally, I never wear trousers to work, but I’ve fallen in love with this pair, with square print; if only they were cigarette style, rather than with elasticated cuff!
I chose this contrast midi – as inspired by Amanda Holden.
Even though it’s bodycon, I didn’t feel self-conscious in it at all and the material is quite stretchy, making it slightly more flattering. Of course the black waistband helps to accentuate an hour glass figure. The straps are also adjustable, which is a huge plus in my book – plus the cut isn’t too revealing, making it perfect for any time of day or occasion.
I wore it out for dinner but I’m also planning on wearing it to afternoon tea in Mayfair with my friend Laura at the weekend. Weather dependent, I’ll probably have to wear tights and possibly my faux fur coat.
The two-toned midi dress is still available for £10. I can’t remember what delivery cost, but I think it was £2.99 – so all very reasonable.
Have you heard of Unique Avenue? Will you be checking them out?


  1. What a glamorous bargain! That dress looks gorgeous on you and it shows off your figure so well! Great choice! :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. Thank you Olivia :) I can't believe how cheap everything is! x

  2. You look beaut! Love this dress. I think I'm going to lose hours on Unique Avenue now! xx

    1. Thanks hun :) I was in Westfield yesterday and came across the sister brand to Zara... oh my god, I am in love!! xx


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