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All Beauty is often my one stop shop for all things fragrance, so imagine my delight when they were giving away goodie bags on orders over £30. It’s not only perfume they stock, but skincare, haircare, cosmetics and accessories – all at affordable prices.
I’m always buying perfume and it seemed an easy way to rack up £30 or more, so I opted for one of my favourite brands: DKNY. I don’t think I’ve ever found someone who doesn’t like Be Delicious, but I decided to try a new scent and chose Fresh Blossom – a lovely light fragrance in a dusky pink hue.  Of course, being fruity, it was perfect for summer, but I’m still wearing it in autumn (albeit, thinking about long summer nights...). I’ll probably store it away in preparation for spring soon.
Unlike Be Delicious, Fresh Blossom isn’t predominantly appley. It’s a lovely fresh mix of grapefruit, cassis and apricot, with floral notes of rose and jasmine. You can still smell that iconic apple, but it’s a lot lighter, making it a good all-round scent.
I love the way it spritzes from the bottle – it’s so gentle and almost aerated, unlike other perfumes, it doesn’t feel harsh on the skin. It covers a much larger area, so it almost doubles up as a body/hair spray. It’s like an ultra-fine mist of loveliness. This is probably why DKNY market it as a ‘fragrance with benefits’ – they also claim instant moisturisation, radiant and smoother looking skin.
So what did I get in my goodie bag? Well my cute white drawstring bag (now full of my travel shower bits and pieces) contained a Kerastase notebook, a Kerastase Nutrisive shampoo (for normal/dry hair), a Label M leave-in conditioner and a Glam Glow Supermud clearing treatment.
The shampoo and conditioner came in handy whilst I was in Portugal, as the sun dried my hair out so much – I really need my ends trimmed as they’re still so brittle! I love Kerastase products and the mini shampoo didn’t disappoint. Like other products from the brand, it smells gorgeous too. When I’m on holiday, I much prefer leave-in treatments so I used the conditioner after every wash, before blowdrying (when I actually dried my hair!) and you only need the smallest amount.
The Glam Glow mask I’ve been using since I returned and have been trialling it once a week as well as using other face masks. The consistency is odd, because there’s a lot of excess liquid in the tube and there’s so many lumps – I feel like I apply it unevenly to my face. But on the plus side, it dries quickly and leaves skin radiant, softer and cleansed. I definitely want to find out more about the brand and test out other similar products.
And the notebook is great because I love making lists, being organised and generally love to have some kind of paper or pad on me at all times. It’ll probably become my blogging calendar and the place I go to, to plan posts. The page marker is so cute with the K charm.
Have you heard of All Beauty? Will you be checking them out?

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