August favourites

This month, I’ve been
WEARING  Illamasqua lipstick
I had never heard of Illamasqua before receiving one of their gorgeous lipsticks in a Latest in Beauty box. Mine came in the shade cherub and is a really lovely soft coral – I definitely got lucky there, I live for corals. The lipstick itself is highly pigmented and so long-lasting; I only usually need to re-apply it once during the day. Packaging always says so much as well – this says classy and sophisticated. This beaut has been a necessity in my work bag this month!
TESTING  It’s Potent eye cream
Another fab product – this freebie came courtesy of Emerald Street – I’ve been using this eye cream before bed every evening for the last month and not only have I noticed a difference, it doesn’t seem to have gone down either... I’ll definitely be investing in this Benefit beauty. It fades dark circles, reduces puffiness and makes eyes generally brighter and more refreshed. It smells lovely too.
SMELLING  Kerastase Elixir Ultime
I’m no stranger to Kerastase products and seem to have various products on the go, including numerous shampoos and two hair oils. I use the Elixir Ultime shampoo and masque once a week and often treat my ends to the oil. The products have that luxury smell, if that makes sense – and the Elixir Ultime ones smell like honey. They make my locks shiny and smooth and I often get told at work (and home!) that my hair smells good – and that’s all thanks to Kerastase.
EATING  blueberries
I LOVE blueberries, whether I’m adding them to porridge for breakfast, eating them with yogurt for dessert or simply snacking throughout the day. Considered a super food, they’re high in vitamins, rich in anti-oxidants and brilliant for boosting your immune system. From the cranberry family, I’d consider them a good all-year-round fruit and I’d definitely say they’re one of my faves – they’re so versatile!
LOVING  Magnifibres
Forget sitting in a salon for hours while the therapist applies individual lashes, or getting a mess with glue and worrying about your falsies not lasting the night, Magnifibres have come up with a solution. A coat of brush-on fibres sandwiched between a coat of your favourite mascara and you’re good to go. It’s quick, easy, hassle- and mess-free and I think I’d be lost without this must-have when I’m getting ready for a night out!
LUSTING  BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl
I’ve wanted this curling styler for probably two years now – ever since the salesman came to my salon and tested it out on my hair. I can’t believe I’ve not been lucky enough to get my hands on it, particularly as the link for it has been bookmarked. My hair is neither straight nor curly and I’m often yearning for bouncy curls. I’m done with sleep-in rollers and it was a fad I found so frustrating, largely because I couldn’t seem to put them in properly. This curler creates long-lasting curls and the vacuum technology makes it quick and simple – and very little effort. This would be an investment, right?
What were you loving in August?

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