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Three weeks ago, I went out for dinner, drinks and a catch up with Vicky. She’d been to Brickyard a number of times and has recommended it before – I’d never been, despite it being practically on my doorstep. So I got glammed up and met her at Romford station (not so classy) and we had a lovely evening. I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw her and we shouldn’t leave it as long next time, but it was so nice to go somewhere new and not worry about having to get the tube across London... I was home and in bed by 11!
Brickyard describes itself on Twitter as Fabulous food// professional cocktails// sexy music// fashionable people and considering it’s a bit of a TOWIE hotspot, it was all about dressing to impress. I was half-tempted to wear the dress I wore to Alec’s, but I changed my mind and went for something I’d not worn in ages!
Dress: Little Mistress // Shoes: Matalan
This is the gorgeous Oriental-inspired dress I won from Little Mistress back in January and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn it so far. The colour contouring is flattering, while I love the detail – the colours are perfect for Brickyard too, they’re classic and complement the restaurant’s decor. I really didn’t want to go over the top with colours or prints and thought it best to keep it simple.
Instead I added a splash of colour with my shoes – these beauties were £12 from Matalan last year. They can be worn with or without the strap and they were a good height for walking from station to restaurant – although walking back in the rain wasn’t much fun at all, especially as it was dark and the pavement was uneven.
I decided to put my hair in a pony as I’d straightened it for work that day and it already had a kink. I’m glad it was tied up though with all the rain! I rarely wear my hair up so it made a change and I didn’t really have the time to properly style it.
Expect to see a review of Brickyard soon – I thoroughly recommend it, even if you just go for cocktails or the bar scene!
Have you bought anything from Little Mistress recently or is there something that has caught your eye?


  1. I did giggle at Romford being not so classy haha! You must have looked like the odd one out there!

    You look lovely hun! I might have to check out little mistresses online! xoxo

    1. Haha, it was certainly an experience waiting at the station dressed like that!

      Awh thank you hun :) trust me, you won't be disappointed - they have so many gorge dresses; I end up wanting them all! xxx

  2. I love the details of this dress. You've definitely made a great impression with this outfit. Very pretty. :)

    Olivia x Beauty from the Fjord


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