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The teatox craze is absolutely everywhere at the mo – if you’re not sure what I mean, where have you been? I really wanted to try Bootea after a colleague at work did the 28-day detox, I was going to try that but when I heard about the brand Your Tea and their different kinds of tea, I thought I would give that a go.
You can choose from the original Tiny Tea (in 14- or 28-day formats), gluten free tea, Anti-C tea (for getting rid of dreaded cellulite), Her Tea (an everyday tea) and men can even jump on the bandwagon with Man Tea. Or the one I sampled – the Fertility Tea.
Having read up on each of the varieties I was interested in, weighing up the benefits, I soon realised the fertilitea would be a good idea – after all, it’s marketed at PCOS sufferers.  What Your Tea say:
Our fertility tea isn’t just for women trying to conceive. Nat has created this blend to benefit the reproductive system as a whole. This includes targeting PMS, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance and PCOS to name but a few
Each box contains 60 tea bags – that’s a 30-day supply as you’re supposed to have a cup in the morning and another in the evening. You’re also meant to drink the tea half an hour before or after eating to reap its benefits.
I finished my first teatox last week and I’ve felt so much better – both inside and out. While I haven’t actually jumped on the scales and I don’t think I have lost weight, I feel less bloated all the time and have noticed a difference when I’m wearing tighter clothing. I feel like I have so much more energy and having a cup of tea in the morning before my overnight oats has left me feeling fuller for longer – I’ve also stopped snacking in the evenings as once I’ve had my tea and dinner, I’m full. It really is a miracle product.
The box was £30 with free delivery and is available here. I definitely want to try the Tiny Tea before going back to the Fertility Tea – that’s what they recommend. If you’re unsure whether this is the variety for you, I definitely recommend this blog post, which explains everything. I found it so helpful.
Have you teatoxed? I would love to hear how you got on.


  1. I've been quite anti the whole "teatox" movement because a lot of them are glorified laxatives being marketed to young and impressionable girls and they're a short term fix and no substitute for a lifestyle change. Your Tea is the one that has opened my mind a little more as it's not like the above, I'm quite intrigued by this one - whether that extends enough to trying it myself... we'll wait and see x

    1. I have to admit, following a number of brands on Twitter/Insta, they don't really give themselves a good rep - constantly uploading pictures of really skinny girls apparently 'teatoxing'. I drink a lot of green tea anyway, but I found the product to really help me - it's the kind of thing I'd probably drink long term as well. The everyday tea is quite intriguing as well, I don't think that's a short-term fix either so may be worth trying? x


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