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Another year, another ClaireaBella bag! I’ve been meaning to buy a bikini jute for aaaages and I’ve bought this with plenty of time before I go to Portugal – how lush is it going to look next to my sun lounger or down the beach?
There are so many other designers ripping off Claire’s style but none of them compare – she’s a seriously talented lady. Every aBella is unique and that’s the beauty of the concept. I’m forever changing my hair, which means needing to keep up to date with my aBella goodies. My phone case was bought a couple of months ago and so is brunette – but this bag matches my summer style.
When you design your aBella, there are so many options to choose from, which makes it ultra-personal. And so my design was:
hairstyle: long
hair colour: blonde
outfit: sunset pink
eye colour: blue
skin tone: fair
personal text: LucyLocket
I bought this jute in medium but as soon as it arrived, I regretted buying it large – I’m really unsure if all my essentials will fit in it. They’re both available from Toxic Fox, the medium is priced at £34.99, while the large is £39.99.
I love all the cute extra touches, from the little diamantes that add sparkle, to the bows and the spray glitter (which doesn’t photograph well); the handmade tag is also a really lovely touch. The back is emblazoned with Yes it’s a ClaireaBella and there’s the ClaireaBella Classics tag to prove authenticity.
Even better, when I bought my bag, I received a free makeup bag, which is SO cute! The material is soft and velvety and the size is decent, it can hold all my everyday products. I chose the heart background which is so girly and just totally me.
I find myself forever wanting to add to my ClaireaBella collection and the top three on my wish list at current are:
Do you own a ClaireaBella bag?

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