Weekend haul

Last weekend I had a 50th party to go to and while I had an outfit sorted, I didn’t have any fake tan. Of course a trip into town for fake tan ended up with me spending £50, but I needed these things, right?
Superdrug – Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Mousse
I’d heard nothing but good reviews about this quick fix, so in need of express tanning, I picked up a bottle of this in Superdrug. I’ve used it a couple of times since and it’s fair to say I’m addicted and it’ll be my go-to product when I want an instant tan (sorry Rimmel). I love the foam because it’s so easily to apply and it also comes out of the can so easily too. The only downside is, when you do apply it, you can’t really see where you’ve rubbed it in. The patch you apply it to immediately turns brown and while you’re not left with streaks, I did find in the morning I had missed certain spots. The colour is incredible though – and natural looking.
Lush – Dorothy Bubble Bar
I’m a Lushie! I cannot go into Lush without buying something – whether it’s one thing or a whole bag full. I’d never used the Dorothy Bubble Bar before and chose it because I loved the rainbow on the top; so cute. I had high expectations as the Brightside bar has become one of my favourite products and I was hoping this would match up. While there were loads of bubbles (as you’d expect), I was disappointed the water didn’t turn a bright cyan and instead was rather murky. As the product contains ylang ylang, orange flower and gardenia, it wasn’t a sweet as some of the other bath bombs and bars I’d used previously – I’m definitely fruit and sickly sweet over floral!

H&M – black pumps
I’m forever needing flat shoes, suitable for driving in and I pretty much live in them at work – the joys of being tall. I recently had to throw out a pair I’d had for six months, because I’d worn them down so much. I’m a sucker for a plain black pump with bow on top but when I saw the other pair with the scalloped edge, I couldn’t resist – although they’re plain, they’re so pretty. I snapped up both pairs for under £20. I love H&M for basic items like this. Unfortunately, the rest of the shop was a bit of a jumble sale, so gave clothes shopping a miss.
The Body Shop – Olive body butter
The Body Shop currently have a sale on and when mum popped in for a few bits for herself, she also bought me a tub of their body butter, in olive. I’ve pretty much tried all their scents, so this one was new to me. Perfect for dry skin, the cream contains a deep moisturiser to keep skin hydrated, soft but it also gives legs a nice shine. I was a bit sceptical about the smell at first, but it isn’t too strong and is actually quite nice – not a patch on chocomania or cocoa butter, though.
What have you recently bought that you love?


  1. Great haul, the shoes are lovely and the Lush Dorothy bubble bar is a great buy! xx

  2. Thanks :)
    Every time I read one of your Lush posts, it makes me want to buy loads of stuff! xx


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