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A fortnight ago, I received an email from Latest in Beauty about free delivery on boxes over £10 plus a free gift when you create a box. I was trying to hold out until I finished my last box, or for another week until another collection box was released, but I just could not resist – everyone loves a freebie, don’t they?
The products I chose were:

Maybelline’s Baby Lips
I’m a little late when it comes to this much-loved balm but I’m already in love and think I’ll be stocking up on the various colours. It ticks every box: cute colours and packaging, easy to use, good formula and better results. My lips feel soft and nourished all day and because it contains an SPF, it also protects them when eating lunch outside at work. I received the Intense Care balm in my box.
Therapie’s Himalayan detox bath salts
I love baths and I love a detox – I mean the Guam salts I bought from The Urban Retreat are the best thing I have ever bought (and well worth the £31!); they’re a miracle product. I’m really looking forward to trying these salts out, particularly for the benefits. As well as relieving stress and combating insomnia, they absorb radiation from excessive computer and mobile use! They RRP at £37, so I’m glad to be trying them out before committing to the full-size product.
Murad’s Osmolyte Tonic
I chose this product as it’s the perfect size to keep in my handbag and for use after a long day. It’s the kind of thing, ideal for having when you’re mid-flight to keep your skin hydrated too. Latest in Beauty recommend using this alongside another product, but I’m simply going to be using it as a refresher – the humidity has been making my skin so dry.
Sanctuary Spa’s Resurface & Refine ultra-polish
I suffer from micro-bumps on the backs of my arms and more recently, I have chronic itchy legs, which also causes that horrible bumpy texture. When I saw that this exfoliant helps, it was the top of my list. I’ve only used this a couple of times so far and have already noticed the difference and it’s already stopped my scratching. I’m going to keep an eye out for this product in-store.
My free gift was Melvita’s ultra-nourishing cream. I’ve become a bit of an addict and have way too many hand/face/body cream sample sachets as well as half used tubes, pots and well you get the drift... I’m really looking forward to using this night cream and hope the smell is as nice as it sounds! My motto is if it smells or tastes nice, it can go on my face.
What items will you be putting in your box?

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