Sunday Snapshots #31

On Monday night, dad cooked for everyone, making one of his specialities: teriyaki beef with udon noodle broth. I love Asian cuisine and this dish gets better every time he cooks it. I don’t even think the photos do it justice – it really is so tasty and filling, too. I previously blogged the recipe here, if you want to give it a go for yourself.
I ordered a new phone case just over three weeks ago and much to my impatience (and excitement), it arrived this week! I love ClaireaBella stuff because it’s so unique – you personalise your aBella to suit your own look and so each dolly is individual. I now need to buy a bag for my holiday in September! As soon as I get round to dying my hair blonde, I’ll probably have to design another case, although my phone upgrade is in two months so I might have to wait until then. You can buy a ClaireaBella case from Toxic Fox for £24.99.
Midweek selfie – and for the first time since I started my job last August, I went to work tights-free. I’ve been tanning using Palmers Gradual Tan and with the weather being so nice, it’s just too hot for tights so I finally braved it. I’ve mentioned this dress in a couple of posts before, but it’s from AX Paris – and I wore my Forever 21 shoes; I felt so summery!
On Saturday morning, I went to Waitrose cafe for breakfast as I wanted to go out but the weather was abysmal which meant having to sit inside somewhere. I ended up buying sushi and fruit for dinner as well and it’s a shame I was strapped for time as I’d have loved to spend a few minutes in John Lewis looking at all the homey stuff. I was pleased to see both hot and cold menus labelled with the number of calories, as I think this is important – I chose a large cappuccino and lemon & sultana Danish, which were lovely. I keep meaning to pick up a Waitrose store card *note to self*.
Saturday night was spent watching the World Cup: Uruguay v Costa Rica, England v Italy and the first half of Ivory Coast v Japan which kicked off at 2am. Needless to say I’ve felt like absolute death today! My parents were hosting a dinner party so I set up camp in their room (I’m still waiting for the aerial for my new TV to arrive) with food, coffee and my laptop.
I hope you all had a good weekend,

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