Sunday Snapshots #30

It was my brother’s 21st birthday on Monday and we celebrated on Sunday evening with a barbecue at home. I’ve promised to take him to Catch (one of my favourite restaurants) but it’s finding an evening or Saturday lunchtime when we’re both free. Mum didn’t buy a birthday cake, but one of his friends made this – with raspberry butter cream and topped with Jelly Belly beans. I could only manage one small slice, it was far too sweet and sickly – even for me!
In amongst the rain and storms this week, how gorgeous has it been when the sun’s been out? I’ve only managed to sit outside twice at work for lunch but when I have, I’ve really made the most of the hour and it’s nice to finally get a bit of colour (NOT from a bottle!). Hopefully this week will be just as nice...
It was one of my colleagues’ birthday on Saturday, so we celebrated in the office on Friday and I spent Thursday after-hours trashing her desk and printing out pictures. We all chipped in and bought New Look vouchers, a bottle of vodka and created a hamper with lots of American treats from Candy Hero. She loves snacks and all things random so it was nice creating something a bit personal. It was also so much fun being in charge of organising the present – I love birthdays at work!
While I was hoping to spend Saturday in the garden sunbathing, the rain and storms got in the way – and instead I had to make do with a DVD day (not a bad thing, of course). Luckily I got my tan on this morning and spent two-and-a-half hours out there to make up for it! Mum was busy with work so there wasn’t much else to do than watch Chick Flicks. I watched How Do You Know, followed by Just Go With It and Definitely Maybe. The highlight of the day was finally eating this coffee and walnut cake which I accompanied with a caramel latte; yummy!
What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Aw that's such a nice thing to do for your colleague! x

  2. She got away quite lightly - for my birthday, they chose a lot of horrendous drunken uni snaps! Hope you've had a lovely weekend :) x


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