Living with PCOS: Part Three

I’ve tried every diet going, as well as the likes of Slim Fast, Celebrity Slim and Weight Watchers and nothing seems to work! I mean, I eat pretty healthily: I cook most nights of the week, I always have breakfast, at work I’ll have salad for lunch but I can’t seem to shift the weight. It’s definitely got worse since I’ve been stuck at a desk all day – and it will only get worse! That’s one of the worst things about PCOS, the inability to lose weight; weight gain normally stays around the stomach as well, so I constantly look like I’m nursing a food baby. I can’t wear body-con, even if I’m feeling super confident.
When mum brought home The PCOS diet book from a lady at work, it became my bible. I read it cover to cover and took note of the diet plan they recommended. I only managed to stick to it for a week, despite there being 10 days worth of sample meals. I really want to try it again and commit to it, to see if it makes me feel better about myself and more importantly, lose weight.
Sample meals
Wholegrain cereal with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds
Rye bread and low-fat yogurt with fruit
Two boiled eggs with wholemeal toast
Half an apple with granola and low-fat yogurt
Wholemeal toast with peanut butter and banana
Wholemeal pitta with chicken and salad, followed by fruit and 10 almonds
Salad with cheese (30g max), followed by fruit tart
Lean meat with jacket potato and salad, followed by fruit-based dessert
Steamed fish and vegetables, followed by fruit salad
Salad nicoise with a wholemeal roll, followed by mousse
Fishcakes with salad, followed by small bar of dark chocolate
Wholewheat pasta with tomato, red onion and greens, followed by pears poached in red wine
Quiche and green salad, followed by fruit compote with low-fat yogurt
Meat/fish salad, followed by strudel
Steamed fish with brown rice and stir-fried vegetables in ginger, followed by berries and low-fat yogurt
Snacks (two a day):
Handful of dried fruit, nuts and seeds
3 jaffa cakes
Vegetable sticks with dip
Whole wheat biscuits with fruit spread
2 fresh apricots
apple and nuts
2 rice cakes with cheese and cucumber
Blueberry oat muffin
Banana and sesame seed crackers
Low-fat yogurt with strawberries
There seems to be a real hype about tea-toxing at the minute and I’ve heard of one brand: Your Tea, which is something I’d love to try. I drink a lot of green tea anyway but I read that this particular brand is good for PCOS sufferers and helps to prevent bloating. If you’ve tried it, please let me know how you got on! 

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