Latest in Beauty: The Spring Collection

My name is Lucy and I’m addicted to Latest in Beauty. There, I’ve said it. I was absolutely devo’d when I went on the website and found the Beauty Mart box sold out the day before payday and even more so when I had money and missed out on the BBB Dream Box. I was almost tempted to build my own again, but decided to wait until I’ve used (or at least tried) everything in the last one, so bought The Spring Collection box. The box costs £14.95 (+ £3.95 pp), but I got 20% off with a code from an email – plus two Dragonfly tea samples. The box contains:
  • Rimmel BB cream matte spf 15 (8ml)
  • Teeez mysterious crystal eyeliner (0.3g)
  • Teeez desert metals mascara (10ml)
  • Essie repstyles snakeskin magnetic nail colour (13.5ml)
  • Paul Mitchell dry wash express dry waterless shampoo (50ml)
  • Neom organic complete bliss hand cream (50ml)
  • Jurlique calendula redness rescue soothing moisturising cream (5ml)
  • Dermalogica ultra calming starter kit (various sizes)

I’ve already tested out a couple of the products and love the BB cream; it’s certainly worthy of the hype and I can’t believe I didn’t jump on the bandwagon sooner. It’s definitely in my May favourites (I should really start writing favourites posts!) and now a part of my daily makeup routine.
Ever since my Hand Food by Soap & Glory ran out, I’ve been using the Neom hand cream on a daily basis and it currently stays in my work bag. The scent is floral but not too strong. It’s so summery. I love the moisturising formula and it isn’t at all greasy. It’s a good replacement until I head to Boots!
I was disappointed the last time I received a mascara in my box  - L’Oreal’s Miss Manga. I just didn’t like the wand, the amount of product on the brush and the way, no matter how much I scraped off, I always ended up with clumps and/or spidery lashes. Not good. Anyway, after that experience, I’m really looking forward to trying this mascara by Teeez – the tube itself is very cute.
I’m also waiting for all my nails to grow back so that I can try the Essie polish. I’m really intrigued to see how the snakeskin effect works as there’s a little magnet on top of the lid. I don’t tend to wear metallic shades at all, especially not in the summer – but it’s worth testing briefly before I go back to pastels!
Did you purchase The Spring Collection? What were your thoughts?

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