Review: Superdrug face masks

Cucumber cooling clay mask
Superdrug's Cucumber Cooling Mask awakens skin with a blast of cucumber freshness. Enriched with cucumber fruit and Dead Sea Minerals this clay mask will eliminate impurities and soothe skin for a vibrant fresh faced look.
I love clay masks and having previously tried the dead sea purifying variety, I opted for this cooling cucumber one to refresh my skin. I seem to have a thing about cucumber at the moment, whether it’s cucumber in products, or snacking on batons – it’s so hydrating and such a great natural product.
Like all of Superdrug’s sachet, this mask contained 15ml – which I find more than enough, but not sufficient for two treatments. The cooling effect could be felt as soon as I started to liberally apply the mixture to my face. It was almost similar to the feeling you get when putting cucumber slices on your eyes – a slight tingle/stinging sensation. The dead sea minerals in this mask helped cleanse my pores and once removed, my skin felt cleaner and looked more radiant.
I would definitely use this variety again.
Deep cleansing fruit mask
The ultimate fruity pick me up! Superdrug's Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask is a delightful concoction of raspberry, blueberry and cranberry fruit extracts. Combined with Peach Kernel Oil to hydrate, smooth and protect the skin. With a delicate fruity-floral scent, natural clay gently cleanses the skin from dirt, oil and impurities, leaving it silky soft and radiant.
I chose this mask as it’s suitable for all skin types and as I wore make up every day last week, I felt as though I could do with a cleanse to remove all the impurities and open my pores.
With its fruit fragrance, this mask was good enough to eat – the peach kernel oil made it smell just like a peach yogurt... yummy! It also contains extract of raspberry, blueberry and cranberry, making it the perfect spring/summer treat.
As I said before, I always find there to be a bit too much product in the sachet and as a result, this mask didn’t set within the recommended time. While it dried around my jaw line and nose, on my forehead and cheeks, it felt as though it had only just been applied. However, it was easy to remove and with minimum fuss – warm water and a flannel does the job.
This variety left my skin soft to the touch and smooth – even the following morning. After I applied my make up, it looked more flawless, which can only be a good thing? Even though this isn’t one of my favourites, I’m sure I’d use it again.
Have you ever tried out a Superdrug branded mask? What were your thoughts?

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