Restaurant review: Chimichanga

Where I ate:
Chimichanga, High Street, Brentwood
On Friday night, I head to Brentwood for dinner and drinks with my friend Laura. I’d never been to Chimichanga before and the one in Brentwood high street is reasonably new. I’m not really a fan of Mexican food, it has to be said, but after looking at the menu online, I did manage to find a few things I knew I’d like. They do burgers as well!
Even though it was a Friday, we didn’t book and when we turned up, there were plenty of tables free. It was half-full at best, so I was surprised when the waitress told us to go upstairs, even more so when it meant going via the toilets. I would have much rather sat downstairs as there were two large parties who made a lot of noise, making conversation fairly difficult. The parents of one party couldn’t control their children either – there was five of them running riot in the restaurant, throwing paddies and screaming. Not the most ideal dinner atmosphere. I felt a bit sorry for the two other couples to our right, who were clearly on a date.
The restaurant interior was vibrant and airy, perfect for the Mexican theme. There was just enough space between tables; however, the tables for two were far too small, especially when you consider the space needed for fajita making! Luckily we had enough space. There was no chance of bad service when there were so many waiting staff, but they were attentive, without being too over the top.
What I drank:
The menu was reasonably priced and extensive and while I had my eye on one of the sharing options (for myself, of course), Laura and I opted for the same. I can’t remember what it was called or what specifically was in it and it’s not on the website because it’s ‘new’ but it was basically a very boozy orange fanta! It went down far too easily as well, but I only had the one.
What I ate:
Steak fajita wrap
I chose the steak fajita wrap before I even arrived as it was one of a handful of things on the menu I knew I’d actually like and enjoy. With a choice of three sauces ranging in heat, I opted for mild, which in truth was very bland (next time I’d go hotter). The steak was cooked to perfection and the wrap was stuffed with filling – peppers, onions and jack cheese which was lovely. The accompanying fries were also good and I loved the spicy seasoning, there just wasn’t enough for me... I’m dying to know what the seasoning is made from as well!
The couple next to us had fajitas which looked incredible – although the smoke coming from the hot plate was a bit much. I normally get full after one fajita, but I think I’ll try those next time...

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