Graze: 03.02.14

In this box, I got:
  • Wholegrain banoffee dippers
  • Eleanor’s apple crumble
  • Bakewell tart
  • Honeycomb flapjack
I could not wait to try Graze’s latest collection of new snacks, plus a favourite of mine – so everything in this box was requested with ‘send soon’.
I’d had Eleanor’s apple crumble before and absolutely loved it – it’s definitely in my Graze top three, so I just had to have it again. The cinnamon honeyed almonds are amazing and the cinnamon is only subtle. Team that with apple and raisins and it’s a definite winner – and it taste exactly like apple crumble, just minus the calories! If only they could replicate my other favourite dessert, crème brûlée...
As soon as I saw the wholegrain banoffee dippers, I knew they’d receive an instant LOVE and I had to try them straight away. True to form, this punnet didn’t disappoint and I think it’s stolen the dipping crown from the summer berry compote. It’s a shame there are only three shortbread fingers as it’s so moreish and there’s plenty of toffee dipping sauce.
Bakewell tart is a dry mix of cranberries, almonds and raisins. I mixed mine with natural yogurt for a healthy dessert. While I liked it, I don’t think I could eat it plain as it’d be far too dry. I would have it again though – with yogurt.
The honeycomb flapjack was another new snack which instantly got a LOVE rating. It wasn’t too sweet considering the golden syrup, honeycomb and chocolate drizzle. I love the flapjacks because they come in three finger servings and although the nutritional information is based on a punnet, it’s easy enough to work out a third or two, should you not wish to eat it all. If I’m trying to be good, I’ll have one piece at 10, another at 3 and take the third home for my mum or dad; although most of the time, I can’t help but eat it all in one go.
Follow this link to receive three complimentary boxes – remember you can pick any snacks you like and can also cancel at any time. There are so many new treats to try – and you can even search by ingredients you like!

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