Spring splurge: Guam seaweed algae bath salts

Last month I received an email from SheerLuxe about these seaweed algae bath salts. I’ve never had a seaweed wrap before, but have always wanted one, particularly knowing the benefits. This clearly is the next best thing! The link took me to the Urban Retreat Beautique – possibly the nicest website ever. Check it out if you haven’t already, although I can’t guarantee you’ll want everything; my wish list currently stands at over £500!
What SheerLuxe say:
The all-natural formula helps to tighten, re-mineralise, soften and smooth skin (algae is a well known cellulite buster)... for a super-relaxing, uber-detox bath
What Urban Retreat Beautique say:
These super-detox bath salts have an osmosis effect that help to draw impurities out of the skin... 100% organic seaweed with sea salt and essential oils of lemon and lavender to help you relax
The tub recommends adding 5-6 dessert spoons to an empty bath, I found myself an old Vanish scoop and added three of those – more than enough. The crystals didn’t really dissolve very well as I ran the tap, so I did have to sloosh the water around a bit. Despite turning green, the bath wasn’t at all slimy and I got used to the smell; it’s quite a pungent mix of salt and lavender. I relaxed for 20 minutes, the recommended time and as I lay back, felt so stress-free.
Even after the first use, my skin felt softer and my legs a lot firmer, so it does work right away. I’ll definitely be bathing in this weekly, although there is no indication of how frequently you should use the crystals. This was my first real splurge, but now I’m hooked, I know it won’t be my last. £31.99 for a kilogram is reasonable though, as it’ll last a long time – and it’s certainly a lot less messy than being covered in slime.
I also received three gorgeous samples from the Urban Retreat Beautique and I’m really looking forward to testing those out. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about them soon.
On a final note, my goodies came in this amazing cotton bag – such a nice touch and so cute! I’ve just got to decide what to do with it now...

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  1. They sound fantastic, I'm quite a fan of guam and I love bath salts so this sounds right up my street! Looking forward to hearing about your samples x


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