Sunday Snapshots #22

The rain has finally stopped and we even got some sunshine today – here’s what I’ve been up to this week:
I’ve been trying to continue with the healthy eating, which has proved difficult with this awful weather. Here’s what I cooked on Monday night – I’ll be blogging about it soon. We had a few bits hanging about in the fridge and cupboard and I totally improvised making this salmon and broccoli tagliatelle. I have to admit, for a first attempt and making it up as I went along, it was absolutely delicious!
On Wednesday I watched Arsenal on TV with dad in the evening. I’m absolutely in love with snacking on popcorn at the minute and although I do love the variety in Boots’ Shapers range, I think I’ve found a new favourite: Metcalfes. The sweet and salty is lush but this sweet cinnamon flavour is definitely a close second. I just need to stock up now!
FRIDAY SELFIE! I loved my hair, makeup and outfit for work on Friday so of course, had to a take a cheeky snap. My dress is from Oasis and I originally bought it for my graduation, and have worn it since for interviews, parties and to work. You can read here about the products currently in my makeup bag – but the Maybelline FitMe range is proving a lifesaver. I always feel better when my hair sits right (my fringe really needs cutting) and it was nice receiving a few compliments about my dress at work too!
Jake cooked for me on Valentine’s Day and it was lovely. It’s the first time anyone’s ever cooked a three course meal for me and while he slaved away in the kitchen, I sat and relaxed in the living room, with a glass of prosecco. To start, he cooked Thai chicken cakes, followed by fillet steak and thrice cooked chips. For dessert, he made lemon posset. Everything was really nice, although I was SO full – and tired – afterwards! We were hoping to watch Juno, but I practically fell asleep.
On Saturday, armed with these snacks, I went to the cinema to watch Her. I thoroughly recommend going to see it, if you haven’t already – it’s the best film I’ve seen for a long time. It was so well written, the soundtrack was beautiful and Joaquin Phoenix was just brilliant. I even found myself welling up in parts!
I hope you all had a good weekend,

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