Sunday Snapshots: My 24th birthday

So it was my 24th birthday on Thursday and because I was working, I decided to prolong it for the rest of the week!

I came into the office on Thursday to these delightful photos, which were put up within the department. I was expecting there to be a lot worse, but luckily my colleagues were kind to me. My desk was also trashed with various photos, balloons and streamers – they really went all out. I received a lovely card, bottle of rosé and some vouchers for Debenhams (definitely going to be buying make up with those!), I am so lucky. We also went to the local pub for lunch, which wasn’t as good – they had a power cut and therefore, no hot food. It also transpires they’ve stopped selling sandwiches with chips, despite keeping the prices the same – and to have chips comes at a £3 supplement, so we’ll be giving that a miss from now! £13 for lunch is not right!
My manager’s mum made me this gorgeous birthday cake. It’s so me: pink, flowers, butterflies – I love it. I was so worried about getting it home, but it was fine and stayed in one piece. The cake had three layers of sponge with butter cream and jam and even chocolate chips. The base was white chocolate and the butter cream icing was studded with sugar paste flowers, butterflies and silver balls. There was so much and despite three pieces this weekend, I’ve still got loads to eat. I’m taking some into work tomorrow as I know it’ll go down well.
On Saturday, I went for lunch with LJ from work. We went to a lovely country pub on the outskirts of Chelmsford (which I’m sure I’ll blog about at some point – I’m so behind at the moment). I managed to get lost on the way so was a little bit late but it was good to see her outside of work and I had a really yummy lunch. My Aztec knitted jumper dress is from Boohoo, for those asking.
In the evening on Sunday I went for dinner with the family. We went to the Mandarin Palace in Hornchurch, a family favourite – we’ve been going there for years. I wore my Forever21 peplum top and new Lipsy leather skirt (definitely love that purchase!), with my old Linzi black heels. We had a really good meal, as we usually do there (again, I’ll be blogging that review soon) and it was nice to celebrate with those closest to me.

I’m also going to be going out with the girls next week – I haven’t seen them in a while so will be good to catch up over some good food and vino. To be honest, I don’t feel any older! 


  1. Sounds like you had a great day hun and the effort your colleagues made is lovely. You look fab in those pics, particularly the bottom one - looking very slim too misses! xx

  2. Thank you hun - just so glad it didn't snow this year! Ahh thank god for peplum ;) Looking forward to seeing and hearing about Aus!! xx


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