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After reading this post on Bows & Belles last month, I realised I had been missing out all this time – I had never bought a Yankee candle. I love candles in my room, as it makes it cosy in the evenings and when it comes to scent, the sweeter the better; I love vanilla, anything sugary and smells that remind me of my favourite sweet treats. In fact, my favourite thing about going to Clintons Cards is the selection of Yankee products they have and the way they transform the shop – smells of Christmas, fresh laundry etc. I don’t think I could ever commit to a large house warmer jar, because I’d get bored halfway through burning and they are a little on the pricy side. So when I saw that the Scented Candle Shop had a sale on, I could not resist and have since been converted!
Being a newbie, I opted for the Votives – these little samplers have approximately 15 hours burning time and are a great way of finding out your favourite smells. Ranging in price from £1.35 to £1.80, I chose 10. Once I’ve lit them all, I’ll either try out some others or buy larger versions, depending on which are my favourites.
As I bought these in the back end of last year, I chose a couple from the Christmas range, including Snowflake Cookie, which Kirsty recommended and Merry Marshmallow, which I’ve only just lit. I know I’ll love Snowflake Cookie: it’s girlie pink colour, the sickly sweet smell which is a cross between icing and candy floss – I may save it ‘til last. Merry Marshmallow is lovely too, very sweet, like toasted marshmallow, with a hint of vanilla. I wouldn’t even say it was Christmassy – but for the snowmen on the wrapper!
Through the plastic, the Salted Caramel votive smells incredible, almost good enough to eat – I can’t wait to light that one. And Cherries on Snow also looks like being a hit – a mix of cherry and almond with an icy freshness, it almost sounds like a Disaronno; perfect! Lovely for spring, I think.
Are you a Yankee addict? Which is your favourite?

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