Sunday Snapshots: Christmas 2013

I hope all my lovely readers had a great Christmas, spending time with your loved ones and of course, eating and drinking copious amounts! Here’s what I got up to this week.
I worked Christmas Eve and came into the office to find this lovely gift from my manager sitting on my desk. She obviously knows me very well Рros̩ and chocolates are my favourites! I had the wine when I got home, what a lovely way to begin Christmas and my two days off.
Christmas Eve was reasonably quiet and was spent with family. We had the traditional ham, egg and chips for dinner before playing games and watching TV. I decided to wear my new AX Paris jumper and had to have a very festive red lip.
Christmas morning – doesn’t the tree look so much better with presents underneath? My brother and I woke up at 9am and opened our stockings in my room (another tradition!), before having breakfast and Skyping relatives in Australia. No matter how old I am, Christmas Day always excites – until about 4pm when I’m nursing a food baby and feeling sluggish!
My brother bought, assembled and decorated this gingerbread house – isn’t it cute! I’d never actually eaten one before and it did taste amazing! I couldn’t help but pick at all the sweets and chocolates as well (crispy m&ms... mmm!). Next year I would love to make my own – gingerbread and all. I think I’ll be browsing the Lakeland website soon...
Yet another selfie! My parents bought me this jumper for Christmas and it’s adorable; I’m such a big kid at heart. I think I love Minnie Mouse almost as much as I love the Disney Princesses (Aurora is my favourite, what about you?) and Christmas isn’t the same without a jumper like this. It’s so baggy and snug – I didn’t even need a coat when I went outside!
On Boxing Day we were at my Grandparents’ house and nobody does a better buffet spread than my Nan. It isn’t only Christmas she goes all out like this, it’s the same every time we visit for lunch – what a treat! Of course, I went up more than one, you have to really. And we drank dandelion & burdock!

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