Nails: Ciaté Colourfoil Manicure

I blogged last month about the Ciaté products I had recently bought and have since tested the Colourfoil Manicure set. Like the rest of the nail art innovation kits, every small box contains all you will need and this set contained:
·         One pot of Ciaté nail polish
·         One tube of foil fix glue
·         Selection of foils enclosed in an envelope
·         Nail art wheel
As with the other kits, I can also recommend having a lot of time and patience, a clear space to work from (particularly as the foils get gummy and stick together) and a top coat polish on hand.
My nail polish in the kit came in a shade called cream soda, which I expected to be a creamy colour. The swatch on the website doesn’t really do justice to the colour you actually end up with – while applying, it looked a lilac and eventually dried a bold grey. Not the most exciting of shades, but it worked well with the shades in my kit.

After applying two coats, I waited for it to dry before moving on to the foils. My foil package was named wonderland and the shades I received were: Flash, Fizz, Feisty, Fling, Flirt and Frost. I love how they are all aptly named with alliterative titles – so cute.
Adding a layer of glue, I chose my first colour, an orange shade. You have to wait for the white adhesive to turn clear before you place the foil shiny side UP (yes, this tested my patience somewhat!), firmly press down and remove.
Et voila! No nail is ever the same which I love and the foils appear sporadically, allowing you to layer up. I went with two other colours, pink and green (Feisty, Fling and Flirt), because I was keen to experiment and go crazy with my combinations. Of course, you can use as many (or as few!) colours as you like.
My mistake was not adding a top coat, which on reflection was a textbook error – it’s a must to ensure the foils are sealed in place. I must admit I was in a hurry (packing for Paris) and it was a quick experiment which eventually took nearly an hour! I overdid the glue a bit as well, the end effect was gummy, tacky nails – not good. After 48 hours, the foils had all rubbed off (after I had picked the remains, another bad habit) and I was left with grey nails – but it did look good while it lasted. Next time, I’d definitely allow an extra hour.
You get five foils of each shade and I only used a quarter of each sheet, so they do last a long time, making the kit excellent value for money. I think a black base with gold and silver would look good and I might give that a go for my work Christmas party.
I’d rate this kit 9/10, because if it wasn’t for my impatience, my nails would have looked amazing!
The kit is available from the Ciaté website, ASOS or Selfridges, amongst other retailers.
Have you tried any of Ciaté products and if so, what’s your favourite?


  1. I loved this kit, it was just so simple and I don't have the patience for the others! I love the colours you used xx

  2. Thank you hun - it definitely looked a lot better when you tested it out. Just didn't have the patience with the glue drying. It looked pretty for 24 hours and then went really tacky :( xx


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