July’s book (2): Sweet Little Lies

Sweet Little Lies is the second book in Lauren Conrad’s LA Candy trilogy and it picks up from where we left off in the previous title. Madison and Jane are in Cabo at her ‘parents’ condo, following the tabloid scandal involving the central character.
Jane is still realising reality TV and stardom isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and as you’d expect from novel one, there’s plenty of drama involved! Sweet Little Lies is just that – sometimes those people you think are the sweetest, are the snide ones spreading rumours. As the saying goes: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Jane is naive to think running away will solve all her problems, as well as confiding in someone other than her best friend Scarlett. I mean would you trust someone you met through recording a show, someone you’ve not known for very long and your friend doesn’t trust?
Book two is all about strained relationships, something we’ve come to expect as a viewer watching a reality TV show; after all it’s all about rating and drama sells. From Scarlett and Jane who drift apart after arguing about Madison one too many times, to the point of living apart. Will they make up before the trilogy’s finale and in time for season two of LA Candy? To Jane and Jesse, whose on/off status is more confusing than Madison’s relationship status! Jane’s frailties are exposed when she is with Jesse, maybe he’s just too wild and OTT for her? Will she ever find happiness again? And talking of relationships, what will happen to Scarlett, who never falls in love? She fell for someone she shouldn’t and it could have huge implications on both her and his reputation and involvement in the show. Lastly, Jane and Madison – their fall-out was like a ticking time bomb and eventually the truth comes out in situations! Madison seriously betrayed her and damaged Jane’s reputation in a huge way – will she ever be able to forgive her BFFC? Will Madison get her wish of being the show’s number one and will the truth come out about her?
I loved that about Sweet Little Lies – before we weren’t too sure about Madison but book two revealed all. We recently found out that her parents bought her the flat for LA Candy and they also had a home in Cabo, but were shocked to find out, both actually belonged to a man. A married man. With a wife and children. I love that she has that secret, which obviously the girls and more importantly POP TV don’t know about. I’m also secretly hoping that all is revealed so she knows how Jane felt and it’d be interesting to see how that unfolds in book three, if it does come out. Is Diego up for more snooping?
I felt a lot more emotionally involved in this book as well. Having read the previous title so quickly, I felt as though I was part of the LA Candy group and at times, wanting to give Jane a shake and tell her to get a grip! Some of the writing was very graphic, particularly the violent scenes involving a drunken Jesse – while part of me felt sorry for the novel’s heroine, I was also annoyed she was portrayed as so weak, never doing the right thing. She’s a people pleaser, always quick to put others before her own happiness – but it never seems to work out for the best. I’m hoping from Sugar and Spice that she’ll learn from her lessons and hardships and we see a new Jane, one that’s not walked over so much.
There’s never a dull moment in Sweet Little Lies and while it’s not really left on a cliff-hanger, I’m still really intrigued to see what will happen to all four girls and can’t wait to pick up book three.

Next book – Sugar and Spice, by Lauren Conrad

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