Sunday Snapshots #15

What a busy week it’s been!
Wednesday yet again was massively hectic – I had another interview, this time in Colchester. I was hoping to drive, but in the end dad took me – which was good as it meant I could remain focused on the interview and not worry about getting lost or arriving late! There’s no way of getting there by public transport from where I live, it’s really out in the sticks! I’ve been called back for round two this week, so fingers crossed all goes well.
As a thank you to my dad for driving me to and from the interview, I offered to pay for lunch. He chose to go to The Viper, a gorgeous pub on the outskirts of Ingatestone (pretty much on the way home). I’m going to be blogging about it soon – I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough: excellent food, drink and surroundings; the beer garden is perfect in this weather!
I also baked this week – I know, long overdue! I had some Malibu chocolates leftover and didn’t really want to eat them, so decided to make chocolate and coconut cookies. They didn’t really end up looking like cookies though, more the texture of cut-out biscuits. Again, I’ll be blogging the recipe later this week. Despite not turning out how I’d initially planned, they were a great success with the family so I’ll be giving them a go again (adapting the recipe by using chocolate chips and shots of Malibu).
At the weekend my boyfriend came down. I’d not seen him for a month so it was great to spend some time with him and chill. I always make him a sausage or bacon sandwich for breakfast (girlfriend points, much?) and so I made myself this stack of pancakes. Topped with honeydew melon and strawberries, drizzled with honey... yummy!
We had a barbecue on Friday night but on Saturday went to North London to Barnet’s new ground, The Hive. They were playing Ipswich in a pre-season friendly (Jake’s team) and it was the first time I’d headed down there. With the Jubilee line down, it was a mission to get there (and back) but it was fairly impressive. It was weird visiting the new place, not being there with dad and with it being empty. I think it’ll take some getting used to!
Out in the garden, once again enjoying the sunshine. I try and get out there for at least an hour a day, but for some horrible reason, I still resemble Casper (note to self: hit the bottle again). I’m currently reading the second book from Lauren Conrad’s LA Candy trilogy and loving it! You can read my review of book one here.

I hope you all had a good week – did you do anything exciting this weekend?
Until next Sunday...


  1. Those pancakes look amazing and i love your hair in the top pic - SleepRollers? x

  2. Thank you :) I had my rollers in the day before and just put my hair in a big bun overnight - it's always better the next day, I think! Still not mastered the rollers lol x


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