Sunday Snapshots #16

Things are looking up!
Honestly, no one makes a better salad than me – but it’s no surprise, the amount I eat in a week. This one combined the flavours of Italy and Spain, possibly my two favourite cuisines. An Italian salad base with tomatoes, red pepper and a homemade basil oil vinaigrette, slices of chorizo and pickles. Yummy!
I had an interview on Monday and after two the previous couple of weeks, I’m running out of things to wear (can’t wear trousers in this weather!). I went for my AX Paris dress – a definite favourite.
And the results of said interview. On Wednesday we celebrated the fact I’ve got myself a full-time job. You have no idea how excited I am to get started and I still can’t believe it – the last couple of years have been such a struggle. My dad is over the moon and the ‘congratulations’ and ‘well done’ messages were quite overwhelming. Here’s to the future!
How cute are these?! I saw someone put the link on Twitter and instantly fell in love. It’s the little girl in me that still loves Disney Princesses that was wowed by these designs for engagement. I think the Cinderella one is my fave, but then again, I could have a different one for every day of the week. Yup, there’s six – I still want a Tiffany ring, so that makes seven! Which is your favourite?
This recipe was in Saturday’s Guardian and I had to share it. I love fro-yo and strawberries, so this is an absolute winner. There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice lolly on a hot day, even better if you’ve made it yourself. I’m definitely going to be giving them a try – are you?

Have a good week everyone!

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