Restaurant review: Pizza Express

Where we ate:
Pizza Express, The Strand, Charing Cross
The other week I went on a spa day with fellow blogger (and lover of pizza!), Vicky (you can read about our spa day, here). It was the perfect opportunity to wind down, well at least have an afternoon away from the everyday stresses. Having taken advantage of the facilities after our treatments, we had a very late lunch and Vicky suggested Pizza Express at The Strand.
Before I talk about our meal, I thoroughly recommend signing up to the Pizza Express emails/newsletters because some of the offers are just fab. Even if you don’t go regularly, how can you resist three courses for £12.95? I used mine, which allowed you to order a pizza for £2.50 when ordering another main course – bargain!
The restaurant must have been refurbished recently as it was the most modern-looking Pizza Express I’ve been in. Although the colour scheme and decor was not to my taste (definitely OTT!), there was plenty of space and the vibrancy made the overall experience a lot better. We sat on the ground floor, but I also read somewhere, there’s seating downstairs – obviously on a Thursday late afternoon it’s not very busy!
What we drank:
Vicky – San Pellegrino Aranciata
Me – San Pellegrino sparkling water
What we ate:
Vicky – Dough balls followed by Classic Margherita
Me – Romana Etna (hot soft n'duja sausage, roquito peppers, speck ham, grana padano)
You cannot go to Pizza Express without ordering the dough balls (honestly, I challenge you to it!). They’re so soft, yummy and incredibly moreish! Of course when Vicky ordered them, I couldn’t help but pinch one – if I ate a whole portion, there’s no way I’d eat my pizza after.
I always go for the Leggera Pollo ad Astra, but having skipped breakfast and burned negatives calories in the spa’s sauna and steam room, I was quite honestly starving! My brother had recommended the Etna a couple of days before, so I thought I’d go for it. I got quite a shock when it arrived – it was HUGE. It could quite easily feed two or three with a couple of side orders, but I managed just over two-thirds (good effort by me!) and picked all the topping off as well. Although it was a little spicy for my taste, it was delicious – I’m such a fan of the roquito peppers! The n’duja sausage was something I’d never heard of, and was almost like a paste, very fiery!
I don’t think I would order it again, but it made a nice change from my usual order and certainly filled me up.

What’s your favourite at Pizza Express? And have you taken advantage of their deals?

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