July’s book: LA Candy

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Lauren Conrad, although I am very late in buying, reading and reviewing her first trilogy of books. Lauren – of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame – has been busy since those days, now a successful fashion designer and author, with an excellent website to boot.
The LA Candy trilogy surrounds four girls who move to Hollywood and soon get targeted by a producer who wants them to star in his new show – a reality series, like a ‘real life’ Sex and the City. After signing up to the show and having their lives well-documented, the girls realise that fame isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be and of course, dramas ensue. So let’s meet the girls:
Jane Roberts is the central character and main star of LA Candy. She’s best friends with Scarlett and works at Fiona Chen Events Management. Prior to moving to LA, she split up with long-term boyfriend Caleb and while she’s not really looking for love, it doesn’t mean to say a guy (or two) will come her way...
Scarlett Harp is Jane’s best friend who agrees to star in the show for her sake, she’s clearly reluctant otherwise. Currently studying Philosophy at USC, she feels the filming gets in the way of her study. A good looking girl, but with an abrasive personality, Scarlett quickly realises how fame can change people and thus, relationships are strained...
Madison Parker is a fame-hungry socialite dying to get noticed. Coming from a wealthy background and described as ‘in between jobs’, LA Candy is the perfect platform for her to spring into stardom, although she isn’t happy that Jane is the show’s star. Your typical American beauty, a glamorous blonde with a boob job, Madison’s true colours are soon revealed. One word: frenemy...
Gaby Garcia is best friends with Madison, but soon becomes close to the other two girls, despite Scarlett’s reluctance. She works for a PR firm but isn’t exactly the brightest tool in the box. She may be loyal, but she also has a bitchy side and loves nothing more than playing up to the cameras.
If you love The Hills or reality tv, you’ll love this book and you’re quickly absorbed by each personality and the girls’ lifestyles.
Lauren is adamant that the book isn’t based on The Hills: "I didn't take anything specifically that happened to me. I think everyone has certain people in their life.
Everyone has someone they really don't get along with. Everyone has a best friend. They have their parents. They have all these different people in their life and so does this character [Jane] and they all represent different people who change you."
I have to disagree with this though, because there are certain elements of each character that relate to The Hills girls. It’s obvious that Lauren is Jane, the everyday girl whose life is central to the show’s success. Even the minor characters have some similarities, for example Fiona Chen/Lisa Love.
It’s a great girly book and a really easy read. The storyline is really exciting, although a little predictable if you’re familiar with reality tv. The cover is really cute as well, with its little candy hearts. The book ended on a cliff-hanger, so I can’t wait to read book two and see what happens next.

Next up: Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad.

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