Sunday Snapshots #11

Favourite way to start the day ~ Last minute brushing up ~ ClaireaBella love ~ Standard selfie ~ Happy Birthday Rob
So I’ve continued with the (fairly!) clean eating and pilates work-outs this week and stumbled across this little gem in Sainsburys – Ryvita fruit crunch. I don’t even think they’re made for breakfast, but I love them with nutella and raspberries (although strawberries and blueberries are just as good!). Or you can make a breakfast sundae by smashing them up and lining a glass before topping with natural yogurt and fruit/nuts/whatever you like! Yummy!
My holiday has come round so quick and this quick I decided to get the Spanish dvds out. They claim you can learn the language within three months but I started with the introductory disc to practise my pronunciation of words – I think I’ll be able to get by alright, ordering etc. Mi español es limitado...
My ClaireaBella bag finally arrived at the weekend and I am already in love! Now I’ve had my hair done, I may have probably been better off choosing blonde hair (even though the blonde Bella is too yellow for my liking). I bought the jute in medium which is just the perfect size for hand luggage, but I’m desperate for a larger one, particularly as there are some new designs. I can’t wait to show it off!
I went shopping with mum over the weekend to get all my last minute bits (even though the majority were toiletries!) so it was a chance to try on my new denim jacket (which I bought for when I’m in Madrid). It’s only from H&M so it was fairly cheap, but it will be good to wear in the evenings when the temperatures drop!
Sunday was my brother’s 20th birthday and as the weather was so gorgeous, we had a barbecue in the garden. The healthy eating went out of the window and I ate my body weight in onion rings (there are no better crisp for a barbecue) and glugged glass after glass of pink fizz! There was also a dessert and birthday cake – of course, I had both! I just cannot believe next year he’ll be 21..!

Hope you’ve all had a good week and enjoyed the weekend. Did anyone else have a barbecue?

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