Sunday Snapshots #10

Rainbow veg ~ The Hills: from the start ~ More gorgeous clothes ~ New hair ~ Perfect Saturday evening ~ Beautiful in Essex
I’ve been taking the healthy eating seriously this week and have started pop pilates (check it out on youtube!) to hopefully tone up. I made a gorgeous dinner on Tuesday with those vegetables, chicken in Portuguese piri spices and brown rice. I’m trying to only eat carbs twice or three times a week and if the weather stays like it has been, it’ll be easy!
I got my Hills boxset out as I was having a fairly lazy day and started from the beginning with season one. I’m currently loving the song Beautiful in Los Angeles which is played at the end of the final episode. I’m gonna be using my Shazam app a lot more to find out all the songs I like, before putting them all in a playlist on my iTunes!
I seriously need to catch up with my fashion posts as most of my holiday clothes have now arrived. These bits were all from Forever21– I’d never shopped there before, but on the price and fit, I definitely will be! I bought the skirt to wear with a vest top and then found the top, which I loved because of the back (which you can’t see here). My brother thinks they both go together well, but I’m not so sure and my mum said I looked like a watermelon! I’m still loving peplum as well!
On Saturday, I went to the salon to get my roots done. I’d originally booked for the following week so I’d have fresh highlights for holiday, but my hairdresser had booked that day off for holiday. She weaved them more finely this time round, which I prefer because they blend into my actual hair colour and look more natural!
My favourite thing about this gorge weather is the light dinners, which is great as I’m healthy eating. I can enjoy the food my mum cooks and not have to worry. We had roast chicken with new potatoes and salad on Saturday, which is my ultimate summer supper! And leftover roast chicken = chicken salads!
Dad spent all weekend making the garden look lovely: cleaning the furniture, sorting the lawn and generally making sure everything looked right. Now we can sit out there and it’s presentable, I’m gonna be making the most of it – and hopefully have a base tan for holiday too!

I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend and have taken advantage of the gorge weather. Has anyone had a barbecue and pimms/cocktails?

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