Sunday snapshots #9

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This week my bank account has taken an absolute battering, as I’ve been buying bits and pieces for my holiday. I made a list of the must-need bits, but I’ll admit, I’ve got a bit carried away in the process and can’t resist those few extras. The first of my parcels arrived in the week and you can read about my Boohoo purchases, here. I’m still after a pair of black wedges, some daytime comfy shoes and a light jacket to wear with my maxis.
If you’ve not head of Yoo Moo, where have you been? I’m a little bit in love with these little pots of yummyness and I’m working my way through each and every flavour. I also saw online they have bars, so I’m now going to have to make my way to London to find one. I think this is my favourite flavour – or possibly the Tropical Moo. I definitely recommend sampling if you haven’t already.
I finished reading A Little Princess earlier in the week and will be blogging about it shortly, as it was May’s book. I hadn’t read it for well over 10 years and although it differs from the film, it was a great read – and brought back so many memories! Growing up, the film was my all-time favourite and I still remember my dad taking me to the cinema, aged five. Remember: all girls are Princesses.
My maxi from Boohoo arrived and I couldn’t be happier with it. The colours and print are gorge and it fit perfectly, without being too clingy. I just want my holiday now!
Saturday night was a chilled one, in my slouchies, watching Eurovision! When I was younger, family friends used to hold parties and we used to have a right laugh together, but I spent the evening on my own! It was still fun though – who doesn’t like Eurovision for its fun and cringy factor? My Twitter followers’ running commentary kept me thoroughly entertained too!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

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