Sunday Snapshots #7

A week of interning ~ View from the office ~ Viva Forever in Piccadilly ~ Engagement party fun ~ Working on a Sunday
So this week I started my internship in North London. I’m working at a travel company and working in copywriting and marketing. So far it’s been loads of fun and I’ve been given sub-editing tasks as well as working on the website’s CMS filling in data and playing about with images on Photoshop! I’m hoping when I’m done, some of the bits I’ve done could help me find something full-time and working in a new sector has also been really useful. The company’s only small, which has been handy when receiving feedback. Even better is the informal dress code!
There’s nothing better than the sun shining and I took this on my way back to the station after a day at work. The area isn’t very lively, although there’s a park nearby. I’m just hoping the good weather continues so I can go there for lunch and just chill in the rays!
On Wednesday I went to Piccadilly Theatre to see Viva Forever, with my friend Vicky. I should be blogging about it later in the week. It was quite stressful getting across London after work during rush hour, as well as going for food and heading to the theatre. It was a lovely evening and the show wasn’t as bad as some people are making out!
Friday night was an event I’d been looking forward to for a while – my friend’s engagement party in Kent. I went up with a couple of girls (and a guy!) from Uni and we were staying in a local Premier Inn overnight. Nat, whose party it was, lived with me in the final year and it was lovely seeing her again, as it’d be a while. I had a really good night and drinks were really cheap – I bought a round of five drinks (including two glasses of wine) for £14!
There was no rest for the wicked on Sunday as I was working at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea. It was my first time up there and surprisingly I didn’t get lost, although I was adamant I would be. It took over an hour on the District Line but the time went pretty quick.

I hope you all had a good week! x

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