Sunday Snapshots #2

Ready for work ~ Barnet v Southend ~ My new favourite snack ~ Sleep-in rollers selfie ~ Sweet treats

On Monday evening I was working at Upton Park, the home of West Ham. I think it took me longer to travel than the actual time I spent working – plus it was absolutely freezing outside! I only did a couple of hours before the game, so it went reasonably quickly.
Tuesday night was back to Underhill with my dad. His friend came this time and we went for a drink at the Green Dragon beforehand. They’ve changed the decor and menu in there again, but it looked really nice. We were sat by the fire as well so it was really cosy – I need to go there for lunch before the end of the season.
I’m currently obsessed with frozen yogurt. Yoomoo do the nicest varieties, I think. You can buy individual pots for an indulgent treat, but my mum bought the plain and strawberry swirled one. I made a blueberry compote to pour over the top and it tasted so good! I’m trying to think of other fruits and nuts I can use as a topping.
I used my sleep-in rollers this week again. They’re my new life savers! My hair is so boring when it’s down, because it lacks volume. After a lot of hair spray and fiddling, it ended up looking alright this time! If anyone has any advice on where to place them and what to do to the finish, please let me know – I’m still a novice!
I’m making red velvet cupcakes in the week, so wanted to buy those cupcakes bites as a decoration. I ended up spending loads of money on various American sweets (and the cereal!). I use Candy Hero and I absolutely love the website. There’s so much to choose from and if you spend £15 or more, you get free delivery! I recommend it.

Did you all have a good week? Do anything exciting over the weekend?

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