Restaurant review: Pizza Express

Where we ate:
Pizza Express, Regatta Quay, Ipswich
So last Saturday my boyfriend took me out for dinner and the place we usually go to together is Pizza Express. We both love it there and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad pizza (or salad!) so I was looking forward to it.
We were hoping to go to the restaurant in town, but on arrival we found that they were only taking bookings in the evening, so instead took the short walk to the docks – which, to be honest, was a good decision. For starters, the view is so much better; day or night it’s beautiful down on the quayside. Particularly in the evening, it makes a lovely walk, post-meal.
What we drank:
Jake – Appletiser
Me – Diet coke
What we ate:
Doughballs to start
Jake – Classic Sloppy Giuseppe with extra chicken
Me – Pollo ad Astra Leggera
Whenever we go to Pizza Express together, we always order the same thing. The doughballs are amazing – so soft and fluffy and always really hot. They must be popular though, because they’re even on the dessert menu now (with an accompanying Nutella dip). For someone like me, with a sweet tooth, they’re a must have (although I’m still yet to try them).
When it comes to eating out, I generally avoid pasta because at home I eat so little – I always find the portion sizes at restaurants a little overwhelming. I can never finish a whole pizza either so the Leggera pizzas for me are just perfect. The base is thin and they cut the middle out and replace it with a rocket salad, topped with tomatoes, ricotta and light house dressing. At under 500 calories too, it’s great for the health-conscious too! It’s nowhere near as heavy as a standard pizza, so it’s more than a good enough reason to also have dessert!
One of other good things about Pizza Express is the offers you can sign up for. On your birthday, you’ll receive a code for a free bottle of wine or prosecco (usually £19.95) and there are often other offers like a pizza for £2.50 (you have to buy another main course though, I think) and three courses for £12.95 (choosing from a set menu). Perfect.


  1. Dough balls are one of the great things known to man. I could forget the meal and just eat several helpings. x

  2. Same! And they aren't the same when you buy them from the supermarket :( x


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