Graze: 23.01.13

In this box, I got:
·         Apple and cinnamon flapjack
·         Chilli and lime pistachios
·         Dark rocky road (pecan nuts, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries)
·         Scandinavian forest (blueberries, lingonberries, cherry infused raisins and apple)

·         The apple and cinnamon flapjack is definitely my favourite of all the flapjacks Graze makes. Apple and cinnamon is such a classic and winning combination. The dried apple pieces are almost indistinguishable because of the softness and chewiness of the oats. Three finger slices just isn’t enough and I imagine if I had a box with four punnets of this in, my tea times would be amazing for a week! LOVE

·         Pistachio nuts are my favourite variety of nut whether they’re eaten as snack, or cooked in a dish. Flavoured or coated nuts are an absolute winner in my eyes and these chilli and lime pistachios pack a punch! They’re amazing and a little bit different. The chilli isn’t too hot and the lime isn’t too sour, if anything, it’s quite sweet. In my opinion, they aren’t as good as the bbq ones, but they’re a really yummy snack! LIKE

·         The dark rocky road was in my undiscovered food list, so it was only a matter of time before I got round to trying it. I keep going through the snacks I haven’t tried or binned without trying and feeling like I should be more adventurous, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like this before it arrived. For me, the rocky road was far too dry. I ended up picking out the cranberries and eating them, before giving the rest to my mum – who absolutely loves, but never buys, pecans! I don’t mind dark chocolate but because the buttons were so large it was just too rich and too much. A shame. BIN

·         My favourite Graze nibbles are those with marked with the health star and described as ‘extra light’ – it doesn’t make me feel so bad about what I’m eating. At only 76 calories and a good source of vitamin C, Scandinavian forest is packed full of fruit and is just scrummy! The cherry infused raisins and blueberries are tangy, while the dried apple is sweet and soft. I still have no idea what lingonberries are, but they complete the punnet. I love dried fruit, so I absolutely love this! LOVE

And you can try Graze for free, by checking out the website and entering B1MFKZN

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