Birthday treat: Vivienne Westwood earrings

So last month was my birthday and as usual the “what would you like?” question came up in conversation between me and my boyfriend. With Christmas obviously just gone as well, there was nothing specific I wanted or needed so I told him to revert back to the Christmas list I gave him. I’d put a couple of links to the earrings section of the Vivienne Westwood website but did have another browse. He must get bored of forever buying me jewellery, especially as I always keep it for special occasions in case it gets lost, broken or stolen!
There were three pairs I had my eye on, so let him choose his favourite, as I wasn’t too fussed which of the three I had. Before I reveal the pair he chose, the other two are:
Love orb earrings silver - £85.00
Mini bas relief earrings - £70.00
The pair he eventually chose are:
Tiny diamante heart studs - £60.00
As you can see from the picture, they came in quite a big box and once I’d opened the box they were inside the cute pouch. They are smaller than what I had expected but I’m always really bad at judging sizes. I’m in love with them already though and love how the orb motif is still incorporated in them. They’re not too over-the-top sparkly either, and are really pretty.
Like I said, I’m already worried about losing them, so haven’t worn them yet – but I am planning to, when we go out for Valentine’s dinner at the weekend. I wonder if I’ll wear them more than the Tiffany hearts I got a couple of years back – I love heart earrings!

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