Winter sales are still here!

I love shopping but there’s nothing I despise more than going during the sales. I get horrible flashbacks of the time I went up to London before and after Christmas – queues around the block for any shop selling Ugg boots and Topshop at Oxford Street was absolutely rammed with people continuously standing around,  getting in the way and generally being an annoyance. I have a very little patience threshold at the best of times! And then there’s the matter of every single shop resembling a floordrobe or jumble sale – I’m not going to buy clothes off the hanger that have been trampled on, thank you very much. This is why, post-Christmas, I look online for a bargain.
There was nothing in particular that I needed, or even wanted, but following a number of shops and brands on Twitter, I was immediately drawn to the @rarelondon sale. This was largely thanks to the constant ‘up to 75% off’ and ‘under £x’ tweets. I’ve been shopping at rare for a long time now because the prices are decent and the quality is normally very good. I think the first thing I bought was my dress for my first year at Uni’s summer ball and I’m always browsing because there are always items I wouldn’t usually wear, or colours I don’t go for.
So here are the three items I ended up purchasing:
Embellished matte rubber leggings
Was £34.00 ––– now £8.00
I am still in love with my wet-look leggings, but I get through pairs like there’s no tomorrow because the ends always end up stretching and being too baggy around my ankles, or worse, looking like three-quarter lengths! They’ve almost become a staple and make a change from wearing a dress when going out. I loved these as soon as I saw them simply because of the embellishment detail on them, like I said before, they’re a little different! With so many styles of legging out, I’ve not seen anything like them. I’m going out for a meal tonight, so I’m considering wearing them with a vest top and blazer!
Stud shoulder jumper (available in five colours – I went for brown)
Was £39.00 ––– now £7.00
Last autumn I bought as batwing jumper in a rusty colour, which had threads of gold running through it. Despite being a colour I’d never have dreamt of wearing before, I got several compliments about the colour and style. This is what made me choose this jumper in brown. Brown’s a colour I don’t wear very often, especially as I have to wear black for work – but it’s a colour that would always go with my hair. I still love the stud trend and knowing the high-quality of rare knitwear, I couldn’t really say no this jumper – even more so with £32 off! I wish I had bought every colour now though – so I may have to head back online!
Embellished long sleeve top (available in two colours – I went for blue)
Was £49.00 ––– now £10.00
My mum was looking over my shoulder while I was browsing and when I clicked on this item, her initial reaction was “ooh, I love that” – I’m not sure whether she meant for me or herself! Initially I preferred the jumper in grey, but she persuaded me to go for the blue; again, it’s not a colour I wear often (I must come across as really dull?) and the electric blue is certainly a lot brighter. I loved the flower detail on the sleeves although I’m having to be careful that they don’t get attached to loose threads on other garments. Still for only a tenner, I don’t mind if it only gets a couple of wears!

Paid £25.00 ––– Saved £97.00

I’m still looking for a leather-style jacket, mind. With a birthday next week, I’m not sure if I’ll be saving my money or splurging it on yet more clothes!
Did anyone else get any nice bits in the sales?

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  1. Unreal savings! I avoid the sales like the plague - there's no way I'm standing, queuing and elbowing my way to the front of a rack of what looks like complete crap that I wouldn't pay full price for!

    You picked some great things though - I love the colour of the last jumper. x


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