Health: My Graze addiction

If you haven’t heard of ‘Graze’, then where have you been? These delightful snack boxes are an absolute must-have for binge-eaters like myself. I first came across Graze when my mum got a voucher from WH Smith for a free box. Of course, I’m not one to turn down a freebie, so immediately signed up – my first box was free and second, half price. That was February 29th and I’ve been addicted ever since. I’m also still yet to try everything! There’s just so much choice.
At the time my Graze addiction began, I was dieting (Celebrity Slim) and was after healthy nibbles I’d be able to snack on whilst sticking to my meal plan. This is where Graze was so handy. There are three options: lightbox, boostbox, and eatwellbox. I began with the lightbox. Of course you can change your mind, and it’s so simple to do too. Once you’ve chosen your plan, you get two pick between having either a nibblebox or nutritionbox – the nibble box gives you plenty of tasty treats to choose from, whereas the nutrition box, as you’d expect picks out those healthiest snacks.
You then choose which day you want your box delivered – I opted for Wednesday as it’s perfect for midweek, and always a surprise when it arrives! You can also decide whether you want your boxes delivered weekly or fortnightly. I’ve always had them fortnightly, just because I don’t think I’d get through them otherwise; snack overload! Boxes are priced at £3.79 and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. You can even choose the ‘one-off box’ option.
The best thing about Graze is the ‘browse and rate’ option. If there’s anything you don’t like, you can immediately ‘bin’ those items and in that case, Graze will never send them to you. For example, I don’t like olives or anything too spicy – so I eliminated those. Once you’ve had snacks sent to you, you can rate them by your preference: like I said ‘bin’ are never sent, and there are ‘like’ and ‘love’ – ‘liked’ items will be sent occasionally and ‘love’ will be sent frequently. If you really cannot wait to try something you can press ‘send soon’, but this isn’t available with every option – unfortunately, I’m still awaiting my guilt free high tea!
As you only get four little snack pots per box, you won’t always get your ‘send soon’ items, particularly if you ‘love’ many of them, like me! And although Graze email you the day before with a ‘sneak peak’ of your box (which you can also see when you log in to their website), I love the anticipation of surprise on Wednesday morning when you don’t know what you’ll be getting! Although, I admit, sometimes I just can’t wait and have a cheeky look just to see what I have to look forward to!
Look out for my fortnightly posts, where I’ll be reviewing each product in my Graze box.
Oh, and if you want to jump on the bandwagon, with this code you can have your very own Graze box – and even better, it’s free! B1MFKZN

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