Recently bought: These boots were made for walking

I don’t know about you, but as soon as it gets the tiniest bit chilly, I go down my shoe cupboard and dig out my Ugg boots. During the cold months my Uggs are the equivalent of a baby’s blanket or old person’s walking stick – I just cannot live without them. In fact my suede pair have been worn so much the lining inside is thinning!
I was in town the other day, just browsing, but I ended up buying myself a pair of ankle boots. New Look always have lovely collections – especially for general day-to-day shoes – and I just couldn’t resist. I actually want to go back and buy another pair. They’re just a little bit different, I think. During the day, I’ve always stuck to black shoes: ballet pumps, dolly shoes, others kinds of boot; these are tan leather. They look pretty smart as well – the problem with my Uggs is that everyone has them and they can end up looking really common (although mine are real and not those ‘fake’ equivalents – I can’t stand those, just to add).

Wish List
I’m really after a pair of Aviator boots, but can’t seem to find a pair anywhere. If anyone knows of anywhere selling them, let me know.

What are you favourite winter staples? 

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