About me

Hi, I’m Lucy, the writer behind Love, Lucy xx.

I’m a 20-something 30-year-old Essex girl, now living in Milton Keynes. By day, I'm a content specialist, and by night, a lifestyle blogger. But I'm also a mumma to my gorgeous son, Alfie.


I started blogging in 2011 when I was at Uni. I studied English Language & Communication, with Journalism at the University of Hertfordshire - and found that Look Black n Amber complemented my Journalism minor. I graduated that year, but it wasn't until late 2012 that I set-up Love, Lucy xx. 

I never really found my niche, with posts ranging from personal health to restaurant reviews; and beauty to theatre/gig reviews. I'm now more lifestyle-focused, with lots of mum life thrown in. I like to think the realness is appealing. Expect updates on what we've been up to - places we've seen, eaten at and more!

My loves

So, my hobbies? Well, food! I love going out to restaurants, for dinner or afternoon tea. I also really enjoy cooking (I am the desginated chef in our house).
I used to work in travel, so holidays and experiencing new cultures will always be a love of mine. I hope to travel more extensively outside of Europe.
Then doing things as a family - day trips, road trips, seeing new places and doing fun things together.

Social media

I can be found on Facebook: @bloglovelucyxx
Twitter: @Luuuce_x 
and Instagram: LucyLocket_x

For PR opportunities and collaborations, email: hellolovelucyxx@gmail.com

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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